We, at Wietsan, take time in creating the perfect cabinet doors.

Our team is committed to providing good quality doors at affordable prices.  We spend a great deal of time on each and every one of our doors assuring that you get what you pay for. 

Our doors are available in solid, semi-solid, ply and veneer wood.  We have a wide variety of patterns to choose from to create the kitchen you've always dreamed about.  View the available wood types and patterns.

You can rest assure that we have 20 years experience in the cabinet industry and our knowledge is transmitted into the quality of the doors.

But don't forget our friendly staff, they are always on standby to assist our clients!

So who are you going to call when your kitchen needs a facelift?
Wietsan of course!

Please just note that we only do the doors and not the cabinets.
If you require more information of if you have any queries, please click here.